Our Company Ratings

What makes us an A+ Company?

      Amerity Financial has been a leading provider of retirement solutions since 1994. We believe our success to be a direct result of our commitment in putting our customers and their financial needs first. Our customers are our most valuable assets. Excellent customer service is a reflection of our A+ rating accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

   The rating accredited by the Better Business Bureau confirms Amerity Financial’s commitment to our customers. An A+ assigned by the Better Business Bureau is the highest grade possible. Our grade represents Better Business Bureau’s degree of confidence in our company and that Amerity Financial is operating in a trustworthy manner and in good faith since 1994.

The companies whose products we offer are also rated.
You may have heard of A.M. Best: A worldwide insurance-rating and information agency founded in 1899 with locations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. The largest and longest-established company devoted to issuing in-depth reports and financial strength ratings about insurance organizations.

Standard and Poors: With offices in 23 countries and a history that dates back more than 150 years, Standard & Poor’s is known to investors worldwide as a leader of financial- market intelligence. Today Standard & Poor’s strives to provide investors who want to make better informed investment decisions with market intelligence in the form of credit ratings, indices, investment research and risk evaluations and solutions.

Weiss Ratings: Founded in 1971 and recognized by the Government Accountability Office(GAO). Weiss Ratings acquired the bank ratings division of T.J. Holt & Company in 1987 striving for fairness and objectivity in its ratings and analyses, ensuring that each company receives the rating that most accurately depicts its ability to deal with severe economic adversity.

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