Amerity Financial Client Testimonials


“You have no idea how many times I have been proud of myself for taking the plunge in May by moving my money out of stock and mutual funds to the fixed annuity. I shudder to think what my portfolio might by worth today had I stayed in.”
Patsy D.

“We had always considered ourselves well organized when it came to our financial practices and life planning. However, we realized we needed better structure to protect our assets and minimize future risk. We also wanted to assure that our family could take care of our affairs if anything happened to one or both of us in the future. The professional service provided by Amerity Financial introduced us to new tools and methods we needed. His expertise and professionalism are greatly appreciated. The package he prepared for us more than adequately meets our needs.”
Wallace and Patricia C. - Retired


“When my wife and I met Amerity Financial we were in a state of confusion and I guess a little scared about investing, retirement, social security and other problems of growing old. If you need someone you can trust to look out for your best interests Amerity Financial is the place. They are professional and honest.”
W. Osborne - Pastor


“To someone looking into Amerity Financial, I would have to say Mary Lena and I were highly impressed from the beginning of our association with them due to their professionalism in dispensing honest and accurate information. The representative helped us set up an annuity guiding us through lengthy paperwork process. He has followed up faithfully, keeping "tabs" on us during the last two years, giving us helpful advice and "tips" along the way. We are very pleased with his work and count him not only as our financial advisor, but also as a trusted friend.”

David A - Home Building & Building Materials Sales and Mary Lena A. - Education


“We are clients of Amerity Financial and what a pleasure it was to have the representative in our home. Not only are they professional, but also very personable. It was as if we had always known them since the first time we met them. Many times we have asked them for advice, and they are so graciously sincere and kind. We have recommended Amerity Financial to several people. We consider them a special friend.”
James and Hazel C. - Retired US Civil Service

“It’s such a pleasure working with Amerity Financial. They’re competent and knowledgeable on the various ways our finances can be arranged to suit our needs. They patiently go through each step and answer every question we asked, even if it’s asked several times. If we have a question sometime in the future, they are always just a call away. They have gained our trust and we feel they do the very best with our financial matters. We had the best financial professional and they are a good company to recommend to anyone who needs a trusted friend to advise them.”
Larry and Marilyn W. - USAF Retired Dept. of Treasury and Dept. of Defense


“My wife and I were very impressed with Amerity Financial. They are very articulate and knowledgeable in their profession. They patiently answered all our questions and made many valuable suggestions. Amerity Financial was able to obtain our Trust by their exceptional desire to satisfy our personal needs. They continue to assist us on an on-going basis, and we can depend on their honesty and judgment.”
Charles and Carolyn T. - Real Estate

“We are really thankful to our son Paul for all the help and encouragement he gave us concerning our finances. When it was time to retire we had anxieties, apprehension and a multitude of questions but he was patient. Because of your help we now have extra cash flow enabling us to enjoy ourselves throughout our senior years. You have really made our lives less stressful and more enjoyable.”
Adessa and Delmar Holmes -Retired USAF, Farmer


“I feel so fortunate to have Amerity Financial. They proved to be so caring in executing completion of any investments. Due to their diligence, patience, and know how, I am comfortable with the end results. We’ll be looking forward to their yearly visits.”
Nancy B. – Retired

“I would like to thank Amerity Financial for the excellent job they did in assembling our revocable trust and getting it all together. Right from the beginning they walked us through the whole process. Their help was very knowledgeable and invaluable. They answered all our questions and explained what they were doing to our satisfaction. What made it more meaningful to us, my wife and I both felt they were very professional, friendly and reliable. We have confidence in Amerity Financial and their good work.”
Everett and Patricia O. - Electrician and Realtor

“We were so happy we had the chance to meet you and acquire you as our financial professional. We met you through friends and glad we did. I was so impressed by your honesty and patience. Your knowledge of helping us make our decisions was so reassuring in knowing we had chosen the right financial professional. We are so relieved knowing our will and finances are in order so our children will not have a problem settling our estate. You continue to keep in touch with us and we feel we can always count on you when needed. It's a pleasure to know you and we feel we have made a new friend.” 
Lee H. - Retired USAF & PPG Industries and Eileen H. - Retired from Squared Co.


“After losing my husband 9 years ago I decided to invest in stocks thru Prudential and like so many others gained and lost mostly all of my gains. Frantic to pull out, but not knowing where or what too do I received a "flyer" in the mail. 99.9% of the time I would have tossed this piece of paper, but I didn't and followed through with its request" Should I need financial advice regarding future retirement years", I was to contact Amerity Financial. During our initial visit the representative explained various programs to me and explained them again after I didn't quite understand some of the things. He is quite the gentleman and I might add very sincere not to mention patient. If annuities have ever entered your mind for future investments I would highly recommend you give Fidelity and Guaranty a chance to show you what I feel is a fair and honest approach to a healthy financial outlook.” 
Judy M. - Retired

“It is a peace of mind knowing we can pick up the phone and call you if we have any questions. It is also great to have someone you can trust to help with retirement and estate planning and you're very easy to understand and talk to. We are very satisfied with our choice to go with you.” 
Bobby W. - Farming and Faye W. - Caregiver


“We want you to know that we appreciate all the help Amerity Financial has given us. They were always ready to give us answers when we asked them questions. They always helped us and never hesitated about it. They were always easy to talk to. It seems like they always talked and didn't act like they wanted to rush to get us off the phone. It is good to know that we have someone we can count on when we need an answer. When we called and the representative was’t in he would always return our call. He never waited any length of time before he answered our call. We are happy to have the representative at Amerity Financial as the person to represent us.” 
William and Margie M. - Retired Child Nutritionist


“Amerity Financial has always been available when we needed to speak with them. More than once the representative has returned our calls when he was out of the office. We appreciate his concerns for us. This past year we had a family emergency out of state. We called the representative and he not only returned our call quickly, but also advised us regarding our options and kept in touch with us to be certain everything went smoothly. We have faith in his guidance regarding our investments.” 
Keith H. - Retired Eriez Magnetics and Suzanne H. - Retired Admin Asst. at IBM

“I had never been to Amerity Financial until the representative came out to help me with my estate planning and some investments, which they recommended. They were such pleasant people to work with and advised me on the things I should do. Since this initial visit I have always been able to get them on the phone for advice and questions, which I had. I would recommend them highly to anyone that is trying to invest money or do estate planning.” 
Janice S. - Retired Public Schools


“Our experience with Amerity Financial was a very positive experience. We found them to be very professional as well as being concerned and caring about our well-being. They are always pleasant and appeared interested and very knowledgeable about questions we proposed. The friendly mannerism always made us feel comfortable and at ease and proved to us that the representative was a prime representative. Indeed, our experience was a very satisfying experience.”
James L. - Retired NCDOT and Anne L. - Retired Teacher


“I am very pleased with the services of Amerity Financial. They have shown me many ways that I can save money and relieve the burden on my family at the same time. Their timely advice has been a blessing to me and I highly recommend them to you.” 
Tom M. - Pastor and Helicopter Pilot

“We have been working alongside Amerity Financial since early 2002. They are knowledgeable, and dedicating to helping assist retirees. They took the time to understand our individual needs and looked after OUR interests (just the way you'd like a professional to act). Our Financial Professional was patient; he shared his extensive knowledge pertaining to our needs UNTIL we truly understood what previously has been extremely difficult-to-almost-impossible to comprehend. He introduced us to our options and allowed us time to make our own decisions. We started our retirement transitions after four years of working alongside Amerity Financial - knowing that our investments are protected, stable and will be accessible to us when we need them.”
Preston and Joan S. - Retired

“We have known Amerity Financial for about two years. We have found them to be professional and personal in our affiliations with them. The representative expresses himself adequately. He gives us ample opportunity to express our thoughts to him. We believe him to be honest and sincere.” 
Denver B. - Retired Presbyterian Minister and Norma B. - Retired Educator


“Amerity Financial has been most helpful. They are always available to answer my questions and very patient. Their advice has proven well over the years.”
Mary C - Retired Teaching

“The representative is ever patient in answering questions, and when changes were necessary in order for me to adapt to new conditions, he was and is flexible enough to problem solve.”
Dorothy M. E. - Teacher


“The representative was punctual, caring, understanding, honest and helpful. He goes out of his way to help you when he does not have to. He's available to answer questions and prompt to return calls when he is out of the office. I would do business with Amerity Financial again if it were necessary.”
Pauline P. – Retired Educator


“I'm sure glad, you didn't wait long answering any correspondence or returning my phone calls. You returned my phone calls promptly as well as any correspondence. You were extremely customer orientated and replied with straightforward answers to any situation, which occurred during our business transactions. Your desire to provide current status of our business activity was greatly appreciated by both my wife and myself. You never hesitated to come to our house to review in person any questions or concerns we may have had. Both Mildred and myself appreciated your relationship in the activity which took place. We also wish continued success in the future.” 
Carlton and Mildred G. - Retired General Electric Co.


“I have enjoyed knowing and working with Amerity Financial regarding the affairs of my estate. I find the representative to be friendly, easily accessible by phone and gives helpful and valuable advice. I find the representative to be a people person and very knowledgeable regarding his profession. Thanks for being my friend!” 
Anna J. - Retired Nurse


“Amerity Financial always follows through on details. The representatives explain things so a layman can understand. They do not push to try to sell products. They will tell you what is available and leave it without pressure. Five months later I am well satisfied with their services.” 
John G. - Retired


“The representative is a real live person you can call and talk to when any question comes up. He guided me through our trust set up at the death of my husband a year ago. He is a vital part of estate planning.” 
Doris M. - Retired Nurse Randolph Hospital

“I want to thank you very much for the prompt and professional services that you provided for my wife and me. Furthermore you answered our calls when you were ill, you can't ask anyone to do any better than that. We are looking forward to doing business throughout the future with you.”
Preston W. - Retired Weyerhauser Co. and Joyce W. - Retired Cato Corp.


“My wife and I think the representative at Amerity Financial has been very nice and polite and we think he was very nice in considering doing the business he was here to do.”
Preston and Della S. - Civil Service


“You were very helpful and informative. You were available at all times and you guided us throughout the entire process. I feel very confident that you have provided us with the best alternative to our needs. Thank you for your help.” 
Bonnie and Ada W. - Retired Farmer