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How will you get paid in retirement?

Stretching your IRA and Designating Beneficiaries

Variable Annuities: In Loss Positions

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Options

Why Your Accountant Prefers Fixed Indexed Annuities

Paying Taxes on Your Social Security?

Paying Taxes on Your Interest?

Individuals are now living longer than ever before and as a result are concerned about outliving their retirement income. Because of changes to employer-provided pension plans, potential income tax increases, uncertain markets, and Social Security worries, retirees are finding they have to take responsiblity for creating their own retirement income plan.

To find out how Amerity Financial can help you receive guaranteed growth on the savings you've set aside for retirement income, request a free "Amerity Financial Safe Retirement Solutions Made Easy" information packet.

Contact us to learn how you can receive income for life from the most reputable and highest rated companies available.

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On your road to retirement don't look back with regrets.

Studies show that retiree’s biggest concern is outliving their retirement savings.

Let us show you how you can be in the drivers seat when it comes to your retirement.






*7,8 or 10% guaranteed on income account value, lifetime income payments based on age and income account value when payments begin.

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